Welcome… and Namaste

My 65th birthday brought lots of gifts:  some tangible and some less so.   And, when I took a good look at those gifts, here is some of what I saw:

  • Reasonably good health — but with a few more pounds than I need or want.
  • A solid, loving relationship with my wife — who, for some reason, is crazy about me.
  • A home in a place that nurtures our souls, our gardens and our dogs.
  • A level of financial security that allows me to pursue some long-held dreams and interests.
  • A level of curiosity about a lot of the “roses” I didn’t stop to smell while climbing the corporate ladder.
  • A Zen Buddhist practice that uses meditation, ‘every day life’, martial arts and humanities to deepen my practice.
  • Many guides and ‘helpers’ — many of whom will ‘show up’ here, complete with links to their books and/or websites.

I’m looking forward to connecting with others with similar gifts, questions, interests and concerns.

Namaste…. and Welcome.


One Response to “Welcome… and Namaste”

  1. Namaste, my friend. All good things to you and Andrea in the new year.

    Much love,

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