Big Chunks of Spirit

“A spiritual practice is something you do with the body, with speech or with thought that evokes or develops the spiritual in us.  Other familiar spiritual practices are singing hymns, reciting a mantra (or saying a rosary), bowing, and meditation.”   — from Lewis Richmond (Work As a Spiritual Practice)

With the full knowledge that  “There are a lot of trails up that mountain, Pilgrim,” I attempt to share my definition here.  Or at least to describe it to you.

I try getting  “there” by taking a look around at what I call “the truths in my life:” 

  •  a strong interest in Zen Buddhism,
  • a desire to write,
  • an enjoyment of physical (athletic) activities, and
  • acceptance of the fact that I have become a senior citizen.

OK.  Maybe this is not a definition – yet.  I just know that a spiritual journey can only be built on things that are true.  It seems that the next challenge is to learn how to combine these personal truths (also known as “the big chunks”) into a way of living that comprises a spiritual practice and all of the subtleties that will come.


One Response to “Big Chunks of Spirit”

  1. I like this one a lot…. I have a bias toward a view of spirituality that is down to earth and practical…. tangible and not preachy.

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