Seven Words for World Leaders

By now we’ve all heard of the famous ‘16 words’ that got President Bush (the 2nd) in trouble during a State of the Union address.  You know, those words about ‘weapons of mass destruction’ that mobilized a country to war? 

Since there is a growing list of US Presidents who have not called me for advice, I have decided to use this space to offer all of them some words. 

I have seven words. 

I think they’re great and they might serve us all well as we get older.  Whether world leader or anonymous neighbor, I think that if we all could adopt these simple words, we would make giant strides in improving our relationships — especially with those we love.  And, in the case of the president (or any other political leader) relationships with those they serve. 

I’ll break them into simple sentences and I’ll use some of them twice.  Ready?  “Please forgive me.”  “I forgive you.”  “Thank you.”  “I love you.”

While I’d like to take credit, these sentences are not original but were developed by Ira Bryock, MD.  Dr Bryock is a palliative care physician who has worked to help hundreds of patients to remain as pain-free as possible at life’s end.  The sentences come from the part of managing pain that is about cleaning up our relationships. 

My thought is that since we don’t know when the end is coming why not get a headstart?  Try using the seven words today.

By the way, “Thank you.”


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