Stop Singing In The Shower!

When was the last time you took the time to think about all of the things you want to do (and maybe have wanted to do all your life) and haven’t gotten done yet? Have you ever taken the time to make a list of the “101 Best Things I Want To Do?” If you have such a list, have you thought about it lately? Crossed anything off?

Indulge me for a moment; mentally pull out that tattered list and shake off the dust. If you have a real written list, then go find it. Put on your mental reading glasses so you can read the dreams captured by your then-youthful handwriting.

Before we get to what’s on your list, I’d invite you to think about why we even make lists like this. We set goals and write our dreams as part of a book or course. Or maybe somebody somewhere told us to do it. Whatever the reason, when we write down (or even mentally consider) personal goals, we do it because we really do hope to accomplish them. We want that feeling of having done it, of acquiring and mastering a new skill, of visiting new places and cultures, of speaking a new language, of making new friends – purely to arrive at something important to us. That’s the key -it’s important to US, not necessarily to anyone else. That makes us happy. And time never runs out for that.

So what would make you happy? I invite you today to decide on just one thing that you’ve wanted to do or learn or need to experience. And when you’ve decided on that one thing, figure out how you can do it. And then go do it.
What are you finally ready to do or dare? Are you ready to stop singing in the shower and finally find your audience? Or keep singing in the shower, but take those singing lessons you’ve always wanted. Live the life you’ve always wanted. And once you’ve made and acted on one decision, decide to make another.

Now – what does your list say?


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