Lineage on the Path: RIP & Thank You Mr. Seabolt

Warm-ups with Sensei Dee Seabolt

Those who practice Aikido or Zen are direct links in the lineage of O-Sensei and the Buddha.  We are connected: through time, our teachers and fidelity of their teachings along with our commitment to practice.

I recently attended the funeral of my Sensei’s father.  As the friends spoke, family members reviewed his life and the assembled group added their prayers, it occurred to me that the concept of lineage is much broader than I had previously considered.

You see, while we can trace our spiritual origins back to the founders, we cannot underestimate the role of biology in our aikido families.  Ai (harmony) Ki (spirit) Do (the way).  Without our parents we would not be part of this family that travels the path of spiritual harmony.

On Monday our Sensei Dee Seabolt, (Fukushidoin, Aikido Center of Jacksonville) buried her father Walter DeWitt Seabolt who died on March 24, 2011.

Thank you Walter for giving us your daughter that we may honor and continue the lineage of O-Sensei.





One Response to “Lineage on the Path: RIP & Thank You Mr. Seabolt”

  1. Lawrence,
    Thank you for the kind words.

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