Enso circle

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One of the vows of Zen Buddhism is “Greed, hatred, and ignorance rise endlessly, I vow to abandon them.”  Seems simple enough. I vow not to rob a bank, deeply hate someone else enough to wish bodily harm, and seek to  have well thought out,  informed opinions. What’s the big deal?

But then somebody pointed out that I hadn’t read the fine print. You know those little boxes at the bottom of the document asking if we agree to the terms.

It’s not about robbing, being stupid and lazy, or hating anyone. It’s closer to “mini-things” we do sometimes automatically like taking the last / best piece of food on the table, complaining about things that don’t matter, criticizing someone else for being different (like a slow driver). It really is the little things we do when we live our lives on the “my way or the highway” path.

My wife does not approach chores the same way I do: whew this vow stuff is hard work!


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