Bare feet running

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I walk around in my bare feet and enjoy the connection with the earth. In the sangha and dojo it’s part of the practice.  In all situations the only minor peril is that sometimes feet get dry and crack.

My attitude about cracks?  They go with the turf.

Of course I started thinking about what might be some positive sides to cracks.

  • “There’s a crack in everything that’s how the light gets in.” ~ Brother Leonard Cohen
  • And, “In the cracks and crannies of our lives are the things that make life worthwhile: The satori-like enlighten looking at a newborn baby” ~ D. Lowry

And speaking of newborn babies…. <insert proud grandpa comment next> Having just returned from a visit to my new granddaughter I add: “Watch where you walk, appreciate your feet, and be mindful!”


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