An Angry Ant. A Violent Violet

English: Isokuru in Pyhä-Luosto National Park,...

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Sometimes human beings make me laugh.  We view ourselves as planetary leaders, guardians of the earth’s resources.   Regardless of their intent, space missions appear to have expanded our already overblown sense of place and importance.

But, for all of our combined and well-aged wisdom, can anyone tell me about when they last encountered a:

  • fox with a weight problem,
  • homeless bird
  • collie struggling with compulsive gambling
  • rosebush with credit card debt
  • depressed maple leaf
  • How about an angry ant or a violent violet?

I challenge you to show me a greedy waterfall, a rainbow with a midlife crisis or a honey bee with a drug problem.

My point?  Arrogance, either individual or as a species, can be deadly.

Any realistic awareness of the political, financial, spiritual, health and safety challenges facing our civilization brings a sense of sadness.  Maybe even hopelessness.  Yet we accept these pains and problems as our collective reality or “just the way things are.”

Is it possible, instead, to reacquaint ourselves with the order, beauty and symmetry of the natural world?

Nature is full of inviolable laws.  There are schedules and time tables and precise sequences, intricate balances and powerful but delicate interdependencies.  Sunrises and sunsets.  Seasons change.  The balance of complexity and simplicity is awe-inspiring.

There are times that the natural world is inhospitable to both its youngest and oldest members.  And there are times that the resilience and strength of what surrounds us carries a power that leaves me speechless.

May you turn to natural laws and rhythms for peace, comfort and perspective.


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