Life Cycles: Nature & Humans

Alaska forest - trees

Image by blmiers2 via Flickr

There’s a small point of land on the end of our property that extends out like a crooked finger into the pond. It’s populated by trees, including some very old straight tall pine trees reaching up perhaps more than 75 feet.

At the very edge of the point are three birch trees leaning precariously out over the water at almost a 45 degree angle.

They look to be in the process of doing a very slow-motion bow toward the pond and will eventually will fall in and become a part of the pond’s life cycle.

It strikes me that this point of land represents nature’s visual image of a life cycle: small trees growing, adult trees standing tall and aging trees leaning toward the next phase of their life.  Sort of like what humans begin to do at the end of our lives. We lean a bit and eventually we fall.

Nature’s pretty smart I think? Maybe there’s a lesson to be learned here before I begin to lean a little.


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