Toys “R” Us in Sangha

Rearranged my toy shelf

Rearranged my toy shelf (Photo credit: Andy Woo)

When Sawaki Roshi was abbott of the Japanese monastery Antijai he talked about the monastery’s Sesshin periods and referred to them as “sesshins without toys.”  There were no Dharma lectures, no sutra readings, no talking, and no samu (work periods).

It wondered: if that was his idea of  toys,what  did they ever for fun? Is it possible that he expected every day above ground can be enough? Is he suggesting we don’t need toys to make our lives meaningful?

And finally, I wonder what  are my toys?  (And yours!)  What do we believe are the things we absolutely need to make this life tolerable?

So much for a new Hummer and .the private island in the pacific


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