Firing Buddha

Beehives of Incense

Beehives of Incense (Photo credit: annavsculture)

Most mornings when I wake up I immediately begin my morning rituals: light a candle and incense stick on the Buddha altar, then sit down and meditate. Later in the morning I light incense at the outside stone Buddha statue on the shoreline of the pond at our home.

The question is, since when does Buddha need to be “all fired up?”

After all isn’t it all about sitting, being quiet and seeing what comes up in the monkey mind?


One Response to “Firing Buddha”

  1. Hi! When incense is lit, its fragrance spreads. Incense symbolizes the fragrance of pure moral conduct.

    Fragrance in heart, we are able to share this good conduct and show a great example to others that we are the student of Buddha.

    The best offering to Buddha is our pure and sincere heart.
    May you be HAppy and Well!

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