Dreaming Thoughts

Dream of the Elders

Dream of the Elders (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Zen priest, Genkaku (Adam Fisher) recently wrote, old people dream more when asleep, I think, because there are fewer dreams in this waking life”

It made me sad and I wondered why.

Did it have to do with not caring anymore?  Or maybe it’s a sadness about a society that doesn’t view elders as creative, contributing folks with a lot of wisdom and perspective on life.  Or that our youth-oriented, make-money society doesn’t view seniors as a desireable  market!

Maybe if aging invites others to discount us as we age then doesn’t THAT lead to a new question?  What is there left to dream about? And, if I have  given up on hope, dreams, wonderful memories do I know spend my time wondering how it’s going to end?

Do you still have dreams?


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