Everything’s Cracked

Intimacy Bliss

Intimacy Bliss (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In a July 2011 article written in Shambhala magazine titled, A Bell With a Crack In It, Diane Ackerman writes about life after her husband’s stoke.

He was left with”global aphasia” which means he could not process language in any form. She wrote that much of his “post stroke” life has been devoted to dealing with physical complications along with the challenge to“re-loom carpets of vocabulary.”

The article is both informative and touching, about all the hard work and deeper love that grows between them as he works at rewiring his brain. But it’s her last sentence that touched me most deeply.

Diane concludes by saying, “A bell with a crack in it may not ring as clearly, but it can ring as sweetly”

I don’t find it hard to believe that all humans develop cracks over time. And, because those cracks are most evident to each partner in a relationship, the way you respond to them is an extension of the tone and spirit of your life together.

How do you manage the cracks in your life?


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