I’m in Too Deep, Man

Wave after wave

Wave after wave (Photo credit: Images by John ‘K’)

Recently I learned that the deepest level of the ocean is not affected by surface waves or superficial tides.  It’s called benthic layer.

I hope that layer exists — in the ocean and also between friends and family.  Actually, ti would be nice if the connection between all humans contained a benthic layer. The existence of such a layer makes life seem real, unwavering and connected.   Very genuine and personal.

And if it exists, I suspect that noticing it would take extreme  focus, intent and a mindfulness.  Every day.

I guess the real question is: how deep are you willing to go, man?


One Response to “I’m in Too Deep, Man”

  1. Benthic layer…I’ve never heard of that. But what a great allegory for our connectedness. Thanks for mentioning it!

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