Faster Made Easier

English: Speedwayriders Niko Siltaniemi (team ...

English: Speedwayriders Niko Siltaniemi (team Jokerit, Kauhajoki) and Aarni Heikkilä (team Paholaiset, Pori) in start number 18 in Speedway Extraliiga -competition in Yyteri speedway venue. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It seems that radio and TV advertising is dominated by products that give us more and more ways to do things faster. Laptops that process in milliseconds, cars that go from 0-60 in a bat of an eye, multitasking ideas that allow you to work while talking on the phone while watching a video podcast… all while eating lunch!

I wonder what could happen to the ‘do things faster’ notion is we could get the world’s research physicists to all focus on time and ways to compress it.  Maybe we could go from birth to death in… oh, say… a 1-year time equivalent!

Just think of the benefits: adolescence in a flash; driver’s license in first 3 seconds, Christmas shopping in a blink; short recover time from surgery, and really, really short visits with the in-laws.

Of course  wed need to give some thought to how to best implement the  new, improved ‘faster is better campaign.’ And of course  some fools— probably lobbyists– will button-hole the “powers that be” for ‘exemptions’ to the rule.

This might not be a bad idea.  Think about it. Exemptions like longer time for sex, more time to enjoy vacations and holidays, and maybe for naps in a hammock.  You get the idea.

Maybe a few more years on my cushion and I can be the one to work out the kinks to the ‘faster made easier’ campaign.




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