Winds of Change


Uncertainty (Photo credit: DerekSteen)

I think we all try to hold on to the things we believe are “tried and true.”  It also seems that we try to avoid wrestling with the reality that things change. Always.

Change brings uncertainty. It’s a step away from rules, laws and  standardized systems.  The way things are, or ‘should be’ according to our inner gospel.

Acknowledge the small voice in your psyche.  The one that’s chanting: operational manuals, familiarity, the good old days, and why can’t we go back to the ways things were in the [insert year]?

I think the dojo and sangha provide built-in uncertainties; they are part of the practice. We have to give up control to our fellow ukes the mat, face fears of injury or embarrassment and simply get on with practice. Sitting on my cushion in the sangha I’m faced with the moment-by-moment voice in my brain, accessing thoughts from somewhere buried deep in my psychic. God knows what’s going to come up next in that playpen of monkeys gone mad!

As much as I don’t want to admit it, change and uncertainty  simply give me a way to be myself and strap on for the ride.  To put on my “big boy pants” and just deal with it.

And even though I know we can’t go back I do still wonder whatever became of my dad’s ’49 Ford.



One Response to “Winds of Change”

  1. Kurt Carlstedt Says:

    It does seem strange, doesn’t it, that change is the only constant and antithetic that the only true knowing is unknowing…

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