Some Things I Think I Think

Honoring NCNG's Heroes

Honoring NCNG’s Heroes (Photo credit: North Carolina National Guard)

  • If we started all national sporting events and sessions of Congress by playing Taps maybe  we would stop using patriotism as a justification for rushing to war.  Manipulating love of country in this way belies consequences.  It’s immoral.   People are really dead and lost forever, their  forever grieving while most of us go about our daily business, still patriotic but untouched.
  • A cheese-looking package from Wal-Mart lists its contents as “ Imitation Pasteurized Processed Cheese” probably doesn’t contain a single redeeming food element.
  • I know an awful lot of men whose relationship stories can be summed up in the Warren Zevon line:  “I’m looking for a woman with low self esteem.”
  • If we stay present and mindful we’re always in the prime of our life.
  • I think there’s an ingrained part of our culture that is deliberately angry, greedy and aggressive.  Admitting it and looking systemically might lead to more compassion and caring for our families, our neighbors and our communities.
  • When it comes to the vigorous investigation and prosecution of sexual assault against women in uniform, the term ‘Military Justice’  may be the ultimate oxymoron.
  • Anyone who allows politicians to get away with “spinning” is just one more cog in their machinery of lies.
  • The Catholic Church describes certain priests as having ‘moral impediments’, ‘dubious personalities’, ‘indiscretions’ and ‘troublesome involvements, to name a few.  Is there a reason we can’t call all perpetrators of child sexual abuse lowlifes and perverts and be done with it?
  • I still can’t seem to reconcile my passion for the Steelers with  Zen Buddhism. What is the middle way?  Isn’t NFL football just another form of greed, excess and organized violence?
  • I think I.F. Stone was right when he said: “All politicians lie, all the time.”



One Response to “Some Things I Think I Think”

  1. Kurt Carlstedt Says:

    After witnessing the worst of the worst in this year’s campaign ads, I, as a moderate, am changing my affiliation to “independent”. The carefully designed distortions served up to us by both sides in equal servings were a moral and ethical insult to the very concept of America! I am not so angry as I am determined to stop these lies given purportedly for our own good…Whatever the Middle Way is, that’s the way I’m going.

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