Prisons: Quotes


“ The inmates on death row in Texas are called men in ‘ timeless time.’

–Adam Gopnik, The Caging of America, New Yorker, Jan. 2012

“ Lives are punctuated not by time but by events.”
— Mary Catherine Bateson


2 Responses to “Prisons: Quotes”

  1. Dearest Larry. This is a long overdue THANK YOU for helping save my life during the toughest period of my life. Your patience, support, and tough love at getting me to Burch House and then during my stay will never be forgotten. Sometimes when I struggle or feel down I think about my time at Burch House and it gives me strength and peace. With love and best wishes

  2. seniorsamurai Says:

    I really appreciate the thoughtful comments

    In Gassho


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