I think of the renowned and revered Zen Priest Pema Chodron as a wild woman and heretic. There, I said it out loud.  Now everybody knows my position on this “crazy chick.”

Pema is the resident teacher at Gampo Abbey, Cape Breton,Nova Scotia, and a well-known and highly-regarded  Buddhist writer.

What gets me going are notions like “If we begin to surrender to ourselves—begin to drop the storyline and experience what all this messy stuff behind the storyline feels like— we begin to find bodhichitta, the tenderness that’s underneath all the harshness. By being kind to ourselves, we become kind to others. By being kind to others— if it’s done properly, with proper understanding— we benefit as well.”

So is her point that we are completely interrelated? What we do to others, we do to yourselves? And what we do to ourselves, we do to others?

I guess that’s just fine as long as I don’t have to feel tenderness toward people who really make me angry.

I have limits, ya know!


2 Responses to “Interrelated”

  1. Pema Chodron is an heir to Tibetan Vajrayana Buddhist Chogyam Trungpa.

  2. Kurt Carlstedt Says:

    I get the feeling that the writer here has missed the point…or, perhaps I have. But I do not regard her teachings as anything but a way to peel off our negativity and see ourselves and our connected nature. She is verbal – western, one might say – and that reaches a large segment of our society with new insight.

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