Wisdom 101

Lady wisdom (2)

Youth, wrinkle-free faces, svelte bodies, fame and wealth. We don’t seem to find much value in wisdom.

Not the ‘talking heads’ kind of pseudo-wisdom.  Not information from reason and inquiry and certainly not  what we hear from huge, uninformed, over-inflated egos. (Sorry, Rush.)

I’m talking about real wisdom: the kind that  comes from life experience and real life practice.

This not only requires us to know what we’re talking about, but  to have also subjected  our views and opinions to extensive “real world” test drives.

That can be problematic for (at least) two reasons.  #1 — it requires time. #2 —  it also requires resisting judgments and questions, refraining from the premature application of  “common sense” and forging relationships with other humans.

Wow, that could take a lifetime! Are you kidding?


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