Secret Life or Online Memory Issues


Bobbi (Photo credit: Queen Of Light and Joy)

Aside from e-mail, my on-line presence is almost always limited to sites about Zen Buddhism, martial arts (usually Aikido), aging, and my favorite NFL team. Yet, if my spam filter is any indication, I am living a very weird secret life.

Yes, it’s true.  There’s a file in my mail account that seems to be very interested in making sure I take full advantage of everything the online Christian dating service has to offer while I simultaneously protect my loved ones with various types of low-cost insurance and learn how to “improve my love life.” Then, of course, are the friends who are relieved to have finally found me as they know be to be an honorable man who will help them launder (my word not theirs) vast sums of money in order to save something or someone for humanity.  Apparently there are lots of products I could Ren-2-Own and, of course, there’s everyone’s favorite, the ever-popular mystery woman named Bobbi.

Since I was under the impression that my online footprints somehow generate the crap I get spammed with, I can only conclude that I must be getting forgetful about what I do and where I go online.  Maybe it’s like sleepwalking.  (I wonder what THAT will get the big spambot in the sky to send my way?)

I’ll be darned if I can figure out how to get rid of all my new best friends.


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