Uncertainty or Insanity?

Albert Einstein

Einstein is reported to have said that doing something harmful over and over again and getting the same result is a form of insanity.

If that’s true, how does that thought apply to our practices —  like Zen Buddhism or martial arts?  By nature each of these is highly repetitive and can cause discomfort, yet, at the same time the only way we can improve is to engage in these practices over and over.

A warrior accepts that one can never know what will happen next. We try to”control the uncontrollable” by looking for security and predictability, hoping always to be comfortable and safe.

Unfortunately uncertainty cannot be avoided.  And if the end of the story is that we are all going to die, how safe are any of us anyway?  This “not knowing” is part of the adventure.   And it’s also what makes us afraid.

Is there more than one way to look at insanity?


One Response to “Uncertainty or Insanity?”

  1. Yes, I do think so. Insanity can, in my opinion, be subjective. You see a person, such as Cesar Millan deal with dogs and make a living doing it and I’ve heard some say, “I’d go insane if I have to deal with dogs all day long.” Many times, we say about a family member’s behavior, “he is nuts,” while someone else can see that as just a way to express his artistic side. Insanity, beauty, art, etc., is subjective. Let’s not forget one of my favorite ones: red wine:) I read and hear people say, “this wine has a fruity, black pepper spice taste,” to what I’d respond, “I like it,” or, “I don’t like it.” The best wines from my perspective are the ones from South America, Australia, California, and Oregon because of their affordability and taste:)

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