Bedtime Rituals

Ritual Vessel

I love my funky little rituals and find them a wonderful way to feel grounded and present in my life.  While I occasionally tinker with what I do in the morning, the evening  rituals are specific, barely noticeable, very comfortable and fit like an old shoe.

From the moment I turn out my reading light but before I close my eyes, there’s a little mental checklist to be reviewed.  First, where are my dogs?  (That’s almost a trick question.  By this time of day they are usually attached to my wife or to me –preferably to both of us at the same time, I think.)

The pack of us snuggles and settles.  I know they’re OK (and neither of the humans will have to get up in the wee hours) by the steady breathing that seems to say, “Phew… finally got those parents herded and settled.  My day’s work is done!  Off to chase bunnies in my dreams.”

Once we’re all accounted for I wait for the the cool evening breezes and night smells to flood in through the open windows and listen as the local nocturnals to begin a workday of their own.  

Because we live on a dirt road on a mountain by a pond and surrounded by woods these two rituals are like old, welcome  friends coming to visit every night.

Knowing all is well in the kingdom, I go to sleep with a contented smile and know that, with a bit of luck, I will wake up to morning’s breezes, sounds and smells.

What are your rituals?


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