Rescue Dog to Zen Dog


Recently my wife made a serious family decision and announced to me that she was entering the world of “puppy porn”. Translated that means that we had taken a period of time to mourn the death of our senior citizen, Chocolate Lab and were now ready for another adventure into the world of finding a rescue dog who wanted a good home.

She began earnestly looking at rescue sites in our zip code with the mantra that “we’ll know him when we see him.”

In retrospect he showed up on the first day’s search. A runt. A white, deaf Boxer puppy.  Since we have always had rescue dogs with special needs he gave us little pause and we went through a home visit from the rescue staff, paper work and a contract to love, cherish, and obey his every wish. After a test introduction to our German Shepherd we brought him home.

The ‘dog teaches parents phase’ started about one day later. In the am I mediate in front of a small Buddha altar on the wall in my office. Enter Mr. Deaf dog, who’s main way of coping with deafness — or anything —  is fairly straightforward and plays out as consistent: physical contact by lying as close to humans as possible. No problem, I could still sit on my cushion and meditate with him draped across my lap.

What I wasn’t ready for was that, once settled, he maintained a stillness and a focus in his napping that would impress any Zen master. Talk about mindfulness and concentration. He didn’t move and  I doubt if his mind wandered, as he zipped through the 30-minute sit as if he were a reincarnation of the previous Dali Lama.

I’ve now begun to think about advertising seminars in Buddhist publications offering, along with my dog of course, a first-hand example of what it takes to be mindful, motionless and in the moment. Or maybe there’s a Chicken Soup For the Soul book on Buddhist practices with your dog?


One Response to “Rescue Dog to Zen Dog”

  1. Lol. I loved, loved, loved your post. Very funny and observant.

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