Life Musings: Late to the Game

The San Francisco 49ers' Super Bowl XXIX troph...

Super Bowl XXIX trophy .

Last year when the NFL began its end of the season playoffs to get two teams that would play in the Super Bowl, the second weekend of the four games that were played were decided late in the late 4th quarter.

It got me thinking.

I had just celebrated my 70th birthday and it occurred to me that I’m somewhere in the 4thquarter of my life according to actuarial statistics.I wondered how many of us might only make significant decisions in the 4thquarter of our life’s Super bowl?

It occurred to me that until this point, my life could be characterized as a bit late to the big life’s game. I started late professionally, was late to experience finding my true love, and a little late at keeping up my side of the relationships with my children & grand-children. All this and I still have days in my life where I ask myself the question, what the heck is this life all about?

Ever wonder what quarter your playing in?


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