Small Is Good


Heights (Photo credit: Canadian Veggie)


Recently I had my annual physical examination, but this time a significant life event occurred.

All of us have experienced the initial steps before the actual examination: step up on the scale and get weighed, pull the metal bar down to check our height and only then move on to the examination room for a blood pressure check a pulse count and an eyes and ears look around. All of this happens before the high priest known as ‘Doctor’ arrives.

Normally I ask about my blood pressure, and note my weight, but this time I faced a new stunning reality when the nurse mentioned my height. I was a 1 ½ inches shorter than when I was a young adult.

In retrospect the reality is that in all these years of annual physicals I never asked about or noted the height statistic. Now let me note that my peak full vertical height was only 5’6” so an inch and a half loss is significant!

I’ve given great thought to this factual travesty and instead of buying one of those machines that turn me upside down and stretch my spine, I’ve reconciled this new height finding with the notion that it probably happens to everyone. We get shorter as we age. I’m also confident that I probably will not diminish to elf stature and so far I’ve adopted the insightful, philosophical mantra, “Suck it up cupcake” and moved on.


2 Responses to “Small Is Good”

  1. I’m not a doctor, but my understanding is that as we age the padding between our vertebrae shrink and that causes us to become shorter. I used to be 5-11-3/4 and I am down to 5-9-1/2. Maybe if we drank more water we wouldn’t shrink so fast. Remember, I said I’m not a doctor.

  2. Small is often good at our age.
    Prostate glands, as an example.
    And, if we’re fortunate, waistlines!

    Be at peace,


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