Death and Dying: Canine Style

English: This is a picture of my chocolate lab...


A few months ago we made the hard decision to put down our 12 year old Lab, Ganesh

He had developed diabetes a year ago, and had slowly gone blind.  Needless to say and our life changed dramatically.

Prior to his illness he was an aging 12-year old chocolate lab who was fairly independent, not really that cuddly, but could endear himself to us with his ability—on command– to drop to the floor, roll over, and look longingly for his  treat.

Since the onset of his illnesses we’ve gone from parents to caregivers. His food and insulin shots are tightly controlled and governed by the clock, any changes in his daily routines are difficult and to top it off, he was then diagnosed with cancer.

But, I suspect, unlike most humans he seemed more accepting of his diminishing health.  He’s morphed into a loving, tender soul, liking to be physically close and much, much more affectionate.

He’s made the transition as best he can, accepted the realities of the cards he’s been dealt, and is living it out, one day at a time.

Is there a message in here for us humans?



2 Responses to “Death and Dying: Canine Style”

  1. As a fellow dog lover, you have my sympathy on the impending loss of your dog.

  2. Yes, there is a lesson to be learned:) To accept aging and all that it entails with grace and enjoy those we love dearly. Dogs are the most amazing teachers.

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