I Got Rhythm, You Got Rhythm

All things have a flow. The celestial bodies overhead have their rhythms, the seashore has its tides, and the planets have their orbits. It is appealing to me how each and every part of nature understands when the time is perfect to be and do what it’s supposed to do. It’s us humans who don’t seem to have gotten the memo.

 I see retired men having difficulty being what they think is relevant or worse, trying to be the person they used to be. I don’t see a lot of searching to try and uncover one thing to do that is meaningful and not just taking up time. Something that suggests a passion for the activity.

 I see men and women come and go from the dojo. Some abandon their practice simply because they are discouraged. As if every one of us started smoothly, quickly acquired precise, fluid aikido techniques and moved through the testing requirements easily and in record time. It appears they expect to get to where others are without the challenging work and day- to- day practice essential to realize smoothness , fluidity, and proficiency. Say

English: The rhythm on the TUBS page, in tradi...

The rhythm

, many years of day-to-day practice!

 This way of trying to experience life can unfortunately be a thread throughout our whole lifetime and much more noticeable as we grow older.

 I don’t find it unique in other areas of my life practices. Mediating every morning is an exercise of getting out of bed, sitting down on my cushion and emptying my thoughts. Yet, as straightforward as that might sound, each and every day first takes the decision to sit and then take the journey mindfully. Some times the 30-minute period goes by in a flash, some times ‘monkey mind’ sets up camp in my brain and sitting for five minutes is a challenge.

 Taking up water colors has been like beginning to learn a foreign language only using paint colors instead of martial art techniques or a meditation cushion. I’ve noticed for example that, like aikido, water colors comes with a definite attitude. I’ve have discovered that there is no margin for error in at least two things in my life: working with a chain saw and painting with water colors. One slip of the hand and…..oh God, what have I done!

 I think we don’t take into consideration that some of us grasp new things gradually, and develop slowly while other people learn quickly and develop easily and lineally as we learn. One way of learning is not superior to the other. Where it get’s sticky is when we can’t accept that it just is what it is.

 I’ve had a hard time accepting that in some things I’m a Jaguar and in other things I’m a sloth. Accepting both of these maxims and the likelihood that they can both be at play in my everyday life, sometimes at the same time, is complicated! But, it all has its own rhythm.

 Do you know your rhythms?



One Response to “I Got Rhythm, You Got Rhythm”

  1. You have defined my present challenge. I am trying to find a new rhythm- my partner has disappeared, I am living alone in a tiny new house that needs a lot of work, I am continuing to work in a job in which I feel glimmers of ageism. Although I am grateful I have good shelter and a great job, it is hard to reboot the old dreams and hopeful attitudes. I am putting this dilemma into another context today thanks to your post- I am going to discover my new rhythm.

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