FBI’s Fugative List

Catholic Worker front page (July-August 1963)

Catholic Worker front page (July-August 1963) (Photo credit: jimforest)

Daniel Barrigan was an American Catholic priest, peace activist, and poet. He, along with his brother Philip, was for a time on the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted Fugitives list for their involvement in antiwar protests during the Vietnam war? When Daniel died his daughter Frida Barrigan wrote an article in The Catholic Worker titled, Remembrance of My Father.

In it she said:

“I miss that voice—-gruff and gentle at the same time. I miss his fearlessness—born out of practice and prayer rather than bombast and machismo. I miss his impatience with formality and decorum, with how things are supposed to work.”

Try a little test. When I say a person of  ‘practice and prayer’ who and what kind of a person comes to your mind? Then contrast that person to one who might come to mind when I say, ‘bombast and machismo.’ I doubt that those folks are the same.

The quote made me wonder if how we see and define ourselves will even come close to how our children and grandchildren will speak of us when we’re gone.

How do you think your children will characterize you….bombast and machismo or someone kinder and gentler born out of prayer and kindness?

Maybe we should ask them while we have time to sandpaper a few rough edges?


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