Holy Cow: The Warranty Expired

Warranty Void if Seal Broken

Warranty Void if Seal Broken (Photo credit: eirikso)

As my family has often heard me say, ‘I’ve been really fortunate during my lifetime regarding my health. Until now I’ve easily cruised past my 70th birthday without ever being hospitalized, While there were two occasions where I had a ‘sleepover,’ both instances turned out to be observations for problems that never materialized.

While I’m not ‘health naive’ it still came as more than a mild surprise when recently during a doctor’s visit for allergies the physicians Assistant said, “You know you have a heart murmur…right?’

Time skipped a beat and I said something pithy like, “Really?’

Being a good professional she simply replied,”It’s probably age related but let’s schedule you for an echo-cardiogram?” At that instant  the thought that came into my head was, “holy cow the warranty must have run out.” While I didn’t have any recriminations that I should have done this or that to prevent the murmur, I thought this is just another milestone in my life so let’s see what tomorrow brings.

In the end, my streak is still in tact just with another notation in my health chart. The process of getting an echo-cardiogram was fun. You get to see all the parts and functions of your heart in live technicolor, with a running commentary from the professional who enjoyed the interested audience and her opportunity to do a, ‘Heart 101’ seminar.

In the end I asked, “ So how did I do?” She looked at me and noted that, “I’m really not supposed to comment on what I see but I can tell you that you have a good heart.” Besides the biology associated with her comment, I  always hoped I’ve had a good heart.

In the meantime after a few days passed I did remind myself that, everything being equal, my time will come and other ‘stuff’ will happen. ISo for now I roll along on a high about having a good heart no matter what the status is of the warranty.


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