AM Demons and a Cup-O-Coffee


Demon (Photo credit: ark)

Recently I was speaking with an older friend about how we have to adjust to physical and emotional changes as we age. I told him that while my life was fine and I had no complaints I was recently made aware of a phenomenon that when I wake up in the middle of the night or, if I lay in bed in the morning before I arise, I am visited by what I refer to as my ‘demons’.

My definition of demons is really rather less traumatic than ghosts and witches. My demons encompasses various aspects of my life’s events that are long past and either don’t make sense or I wish I could take back.

Like the time in 6th grade when a kid in my class stabbed me in the forehead with a sharp pencil for a reasons only known to him. All I remember is that we both were in trouble with the nun’s. Or perhaps the time I said something mean to a girl friend so she would break up with me. In another time there have been situations when I withheld information so I looked better professionally. And the list  goes on.

Those kinds of incidents still visit me even when I don’t want them to and can’t seem to stop the procession. It didn’t help that well known Buddhist teacher Pema Chodron has a fancy Tibetan name for my demons. She called them Shempa.

But I told my friend that I had discovered a perfect solution. If I get up and get that first cup of coffee the thoughts go away quickly. While I don’t know much about biochemistry these days, Zap, all gone.

The problem might be that I don’t think that coffee is really an integral part of enlightment or insight.


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