Thoughts on Stuff: What About Me?

English: Doubler Stones in Winter

Sometimes I read or hear something and it sticks in my mind but just barely out of view.  Later it always seems to surface as a question. For instance, the following  surfaced recently, “What about me?”

The sentence I was reading that precipitated the question was, “Stones have their own spirit, obey the requests of the stone.”

Having lived many years in New England I  took stones,  rocks, boulders and the White Mountains for granted. They were always in sight. I certainly never got around to thinking about their spirit . However assuming  stones follow the Buddhist notion that all sentient beings have energy, I can certainly wonder what stones might reveal if I just ask.

I wonder if they would tell us what this planet was like before us humans appeared and tried to bend nature to our needs? Would stones laugh at our short term life views and attempts to use the planet for our own comfort without realizing the folly of our ways?

But what I’m  really puzzled about is how I would actually honor their request and ask the stones what their first request is?


One Response to “Thoughts on Stuff: What About Me?”

  1. A thought-provoking post. Imagine how a stone would respond to a 100-year-old wise man, claiming to be old.
    Stone’s request must be one of two things:
    1)Leave me alone.
    2)Turn me over!

    Take care & keep in touch,


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