Who ‘Youse’ Talking To?

I grew up in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, and  never realized until I began to travel for my work that I used any  number of words  that where shortcuts  to standard, accepted, proper english. In the business world I quickly worked  hard at losing the “Pittsburghese” For example, I had to give up favorite words like, ‘Junna’ which everybody knows means , “are you going to” ? Or how about the fact that,  ‘nother’ means “another”. And finally, I ad to let go of my favorite, ‘yizze’ which means, you will.

But as I’ve gotten older  I seem  unable to hear a current slang word and sort out it’s intended meaning.  Two words that fell into this category were  ‘Bling’ which seems to be  a lot of gold jewelry worn around one’s neck. The second word has to do with anatomy. Grown men referring to there penis and related anatomy as, “My junk” seems to imply to me that those parts of anatomy might be discardable? Go figure!

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania skyline photograph, t...

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania skyline

I’m feeling older by the day because I’m beginning to  believe I live on a foreign planet and am very far away from my native Pittsburgh.

What are your slang favorites that don’t translate?


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