Aikikai Junior

IMG_2842 - Version 2


To be honest, the idea of a peaceful martial art sounded strange to me.

I had been introduced to aikido by watching my father practice a few times; this summer I was finally old enough to give it a try. After practicing for the six whole weeks of my summer break I have come away with a new perspective and a new passion.

I learned that aikido is more about bringing about calm than about punching and kicking.  It is about redirecting the force of an attack but it is powerful and mighty. Knowing the right technique is essential.  I liked both nage and uke because it’s important to experience both sides of a fight.  (“Seeing both sides” is probably important in life, too.)

I also really like the tradition and the respect that is part of the dojo, especially for the sensei. As a completely new student, not only did everyone accept me, it felt like all of the “older” students took responsibility for helping me learn techniques.

Maybe I liked it so much because I had a nice dojo, with great peers and, of course, Dee Sensei. I went to classes three times a week and I liked it so much that I plan to join a dojo in my hometown, too.

Every year when I spend summer vacation with my family, they introduce me to many new places and activities.  Aside from being with my family the thing I liked most this summer was definitely aikido.


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