My 65th birthday brought lots of gifts:  some tangible and some less so.   And, when I took a good look at those gifts, here is some of what I saw:

  • Reasonably good health — but with a few more pounds than I need or want.
  • A solid, loving relationship with my wife — who, for some reason, is crazy about me.
  • A home in a place that nurtures our souls, our gardens and our dogs.
  • A level of financial security that allows me to pursue some long-held dreams and interests.
  • A level of curiosity about a lot of the “roses” I didn’t stop to smell while climbing the corporate ladder.
  • A Zen Buddhist practice that uses meditation, ‘every day life’, martial arts and humanities to deepen my practice.
  • Many guides and ‘helpers’ — many of whom will ‘show up’ here, complete with links to their books and/or websites.

I’m looking forward to connecting with others with similar gifts, questions, interests and concerns.



2 Responses to “About”

  1. I came to see your blog, and I really like what I found here! Wisdom and depth combined with humor. Decided to follow.

  2. seniorsamurai Says:

    In Gassho (With Respect)

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